Trail Work – Saturday, November 16

We have been working very hard this fall to cut brush, re-route trails, build kiosks and everything else that needs to get done before we start riding. For the most part a small group of members has done the bulk of the work and we need a hand to get finished. We have some trail widening/brushing to complete on the ITS 85/86 north bypass around Howe’s Highway as well as signage and some work on ITS 85 south at Cry Baby Hill to brush and widen as well as install a culvert. These are much needed improvements that have to get done. Please set aside some time on Saturday to give us a hand. Remember, we all benefit from having good trails!! We are trying our hardest to make this a successful season and you can make that happen.

Thanks and I hope to see you on Saturday,

John Cobb, President

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