Trail Update: 2/11/16

Happy Thursday Everyone,

We have been busy over the last few days trying to get the trails groomed and ready for the first weekend of school vacation.  We are still struggling with a lack of snow in some areas which is preventing us from grooming.  Hopefully we’ll get a little new snow on Saturday to freshen things up.  Below is a listing of what we’ve done so far.  We are planning to groom again tomorrow night 2/12 and if conditions allow we’ll groom every night through vacation.  Generally speaking trails that are on well established gravel roads are in good shape and those that are in the woods are lacking snow cover and have many rough sections.  Please ride carefully and pay close attention to the trail conditions as they can change very quickly.

ITS86W between Greenville Jct. and ITS88:  Groomed on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Trail is in decent condition with the exception of a few areas of limited snow cover.  The first 4 miles when leaving from the Jct. is rough but once on the North Rd the conditions improve greatly.

ITS85S between Greenville Jct. and Blanchard:  Groomed Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Trail is in very good condition with the exception of the “Cry Baby Hill” area at the Shirley/Blanchard town lines.

ITS85N between Greenville and Lily Bay:  We sent out the groomer today to try to make something out of this section of ITS 85 but there is just not enough snow to make it work yet.  The trail is passable but very rough with some sections only having 1.5″ of snow due to exposure to sun and wind.  We need another 6-10″ of snow to be able to groom and maintain this trail.

ITS110E between Greenville and Gulf Hagas:  Trail was groomed on Tuesday night and is in good condition with just a few areas of thin snow cover.





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