3/6/14 Trail Report

The groomers have been out nightly since Tuesday evening.   We will be out on a regular basis for the rest of the week through the weekend grooming ITS 85 South to Blanchard, ITS 86 West to ITS 88 intersection and the 110 Connector Trail.  Our snowmobile trail system is holding up well and riders should have smooth riding all week and weekend.

There is active logging on ITS 85/86 North.  The logging starts approximately four miles north of Greenville and is plowed for a 1.5 miles.  The logging operation will continue for the rest of this season.  We will still be grooming ITS 85 North to Kokadjo (points north) and points east on the 110 Connector as long as we can.  Stay tuned for conditions and updates on this trail.

All trails west of the lake are in very good condition.  Many people ask about getting to Kokadjo from here and you still can!  If you want to avoid the active logging on ITS 85/86 North, you can ride ITS 86 to ITS 88 north to Rockwood and then over Rt 66 to Kokadjo.  The other option is to ride the 110 Connector and loop back on the B Pond Trail to Kokadjo.

Ride safe and ride right!



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