3/25/14 Trail Report

Well folks, some more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  It could be a little, could be a lot.  Either way we have PLENTY of snow for our riders to enjoy.  This cold weather just won’t break, which has put our trails in great condition for spring riding.

ITS 85 South to Blanchard was groomed last night and is in very good condition.

ITS 86 West towards ITS 88 intersection was also groomed last night and is in very good condition.

The 110 Connector was also groomed last night.

The ice on Moosehead may be here until June, due to the cold winter we have had.  We will continue to keep you posted about ice depths.  Lake riding is safe and a great way to get from Greenville to Rockwood and points north very quickly.

We are monitoring the logging operation on ITS 85 North.  They do plan to actively log at Meadowbrook Road to Pine Pitch Road.  We will have more details once we hear back on the logging efforts.

This is the best time to get out and ride, since the temps have been very cold, snow depth is substantial and we have longer/lighter days.

Ride safe and ride right!


Back-country riding courtesy Bob Dorr


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