3/19/15 Snowmobile Trail Report

Moosehead Riders groomers are out now on both sides of Moosehead Lake to get trails in excellent shape for the upcoming weekend.

Scammon road is open and passable at this time, due to the near 2 feet of snow dumped on us since Sunday!  We’ll keep you posted with any changes as the March sun warms the road.

ITS 86 West towards the intersection of ITS 88 towards Rockwood and 86 towards The Forks is currently being groomed.  This trail will be excellent with the packing down of the trail.  Lots of blowing this week had created pretty big drifts, but with the winds dying down now, this trail will be ready and excellent for riding.

ITS 85 South is also being groomed this evening to manage the drifts and blowing.  Continue to use caution in open areas where the blowing can create big drifts.  This trail should be in excellent shape after we pack it down again this evening.

ITS 85 North to Kokadjo is a beautiful trail with excellent views and is in very good riding condition.  We are currently grooming this trail today.

The 110 Connector towards Brownville also is getting packed down and is another beautiful and scenic ride.  Watch out for wildlife on this trail, but bring your camera for panoramic views and maybe even a moose sighting.

Ride safe, ride right and have a great weekend!  Our club will continue grooming until the end of the month, with end date scheduled for 3/31/15.


So much snow!


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