1/9/14 Trail Report

Well, we are happy to report the trails are in better condition than most would assume.  Getting out before the rain storm on Monday to groom was a good decision and put us in a good position today for grooming the following:

ITS 85 South to Blanchard was softened up tonight with the groomer.  Watch out for some icy patches.  Reminder that there is 1.5 miles of active logging, which makes the trail a plowed road.

ITS 86 West to The Forks is groomed for riding and in fairly good condition.

ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo is groomed and softened up for riding.  Beware of icy spots.

The 110 Connector towards Gulf Hagas is groomed and in fairly decent condition.  Watch out for some icy spots.

As most of you know, it would be ideal to get a little snow, but we are working with decent trails with lubrication for riding.  We will continue to keep you posted on trail reports and snow conditions!  May the sunrise with snowy days ahead in the Moosehead Lake Region!

Thanks Gina for the sunset and snowmobiling picture!

Sunrise on Rum Pond 1/5/14, thanks to our friend Gina!


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