1/8/15 Trail Report

1/8/15 Trail Report

First of all, frigid…I know you feel it because I do, too.  But, I have to admit how much I LOVE it!  Ice is forming our beloved base and well, it’s all about the base and here we are!

We have had a chance to get all the trails groomed and are in to good shape for this weekend in Greenville at Moosehead Lake.

It is still early riding, with some places that have limited snow cover, due to high winds, etc.

ITS 85 south – there is a water hole in Blanchard, but can easily to get around.  After that bad spot, it is in good shape.

ITS 85-86 North – this trail is in good shape.   There is a 2 mile stretch after Worster’s Bridge that is a little line of snow, but still very passable.

ITS 86 west –  this is a new trail because of active logging.  The new trail is signed and ready for use.   It’s a little thin, but is good to ride.

110 Connector – this trail has plenty of snow and will take you to the historic B-52 site.  In the past, this trail has been difficult to get to because of Scammon Ridge.  Since the trail is closed due to landowner issues, the new trail has really offered us a better experience.  Continue on the 110 Connector to Brownville.   This is a great ride, with beautiful views.

…and what is even more exciting you ask?!  The Moosehead Riders clubhouse will be open from 10-2…AND we are serving hot dogs, hamburgers, coffee and soda.  Yup, and the restrooms open, so stop in, fill up on some food and if you are not already a member, we welcome you to join.

Please remember ride in control, ride right and have a great trip.  See you out there this weekend!


Andrew Hunt – Trail Master at Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club

Jessica Hargreaves – webmaster@mooseheadriders.com (commentary, wise cracks and honest opinion)

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