1/6/15 Trail Report

1/6/15 Trail update:

ITS 85 south has been cleared of blow downs and packed with fair snow cover with the exception of the usual bad spots like Cry Baby Hill

ITS 86 bypass has not been groomed since New Years Day but with the fresh snow from Saturday is fair with some rough spots and low snow cover due to the brush cutting. Stay in the center of this trail until we get good snow depth as there are many stubs on the sides from the brush cutting.

ITS 110 scheduled to get groomed today. Was groomed last Friday and has really nice snow cover and good riding.

ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo was signed yesterday including the new Prong Mtn. section of trail but has multiple areas of low snow cover so the riding isn’t great. Really need another 6″ of snow on this trail to groom it.

Intown trails are rough and not groomed due to low snow cover. Most of the intown system needs a lot of snow before it can be groomed especially the Russ Dodge along the power line to the airport.

Clubhouse to Lake should be groomed by the weekend if we can get the Jeep back from the mechanic.

John Cobb – Club President & Groomer mooseheadriders1968@gmail.com



Jessica Hargreaves – webmaster@mooseheadriders.com

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