1/24/14 Trail Report

Happy to report!

ITS 86 from The Forks is in good shape.

ITS 85 South to Blanchard is in good shape.  There are still some plowed road Blanchard and a few wash outs, so use caution in this area.

ITS 85/86 north to Kokadjo From Beaver Cove North still has very low snow cover and is a little rough going.  If we should get a few inches of snow this weekend, hopefully this trail will improve.

The 110 Connector over Blue Ridge heading to Brownville is in very good shape and was groomed today this is also a great scenic ride with breath taking views of some of Maine’s Mountains. This trail also will take you buy the B-52 crash site.

The B-Pond trail is still the best way to go north of 110 at this point.

Ride safe ride Right.


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