1/23/15 Trail Report

Feeling happy!  Groomers are out tonight and are currently grooming ITS 86 towards The Forks and the ITS 88 connection to head towards Rockwood.  ITS 86 is grooming out nice.  There is thin cover in the wooded area section where the cutting for the logging was done, but is passable.  There is nice riding out here to The Forks and to Rockwood.

The 110 Connector was groomed today is in fair shape.  The Scammon road to get to the connector trail is what makes this trail less positive on the trail riding scale.  If we had more snow, the Scammon road would be better to ride on, so therefore the getting to the 110 connector currently is not great.

ITS 85 north to Kokadjo is less than satisfactory.  This trail needs more snow.

ITS 85 south towards Blanchard is good to Cry Baby Hill then blown off.  The trail in all is in fair shape and passable.

We welcome riders, but use your judgement.  If you are looking for fast and flat ITS 86 is going to be your best option until we have more snow.  If you are looking for a riding adventure and to go off trail, there is plenty of snow for that, just respect landowner permission and have fun!

Stay safe, ride right and we’ll continue to keep you posted about the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile club trail grooming efforts!  The clubhouse is open this weekend from 10-2 with hotdogs, sodas and coffee.  Stop in to say hello!

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