1/23/14 Trail Report

ITS 86 west towards The Forks groomed today and in good condition.  I’m waiting on reports regarding ITS 85 south to Blanchard, 110 Connector and any specifics from the groomer operators.

Reports from riders is that the Greenville trails are in good shape.  ITS 85 N to Kokadjo remains unchanged, still blown off and icy.  The ride around continues to be 110 Connector and B Pond loop trail or head up the west side of the lake on ITS 88 and cut across Rt 66 to Kokadjo.

ITS 88 towards Rockwood and Rt 66 is in good condition thanks to Blue Ridge Riders.  Coburn Summit Riders are doing a good job on their trail system, as well.

Riders snowmobiling north of Kokadjo reporting good snow conditions and trails are in good shape towards Pittston Farm, Chesuncook, Chamberlain and Jo Mary country.

We’ll keep you posted on trail conditions and rider trail reports as we have them.

Please share your pictures with us, as you are out and about!!!  webmaster@mooseheadriders.com


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