12/29/14 Trail Update

Lots of folks are eager to get out snowmobiling in the Moosehead Lake Region this winter.  We understand, so are we!  If you had the opportunity to watch the evening news tonight, there was a great segment about urging snowmobilers to be patient and safe.  We are all eager to get out on the trails and it’s frustrating that there was so much snow in December, but life is too hectic to get out and enjoy the snow during the holiday season.  So, now everyone is itching to ride.  Fortunately, the Moosehead Lake area will be one of the best areas to ride very soon, since the most snow in the state is right here.  Just north of us, Pittston Farm is already grooming.  We are thankful some cold temps will help our club be in the same position, out on the trails grooming very soon.

Here’s the facts:

As of right now things are still very tentative with a lot of problem areas. Our trail master, Andrew went as far as Worster’s bridge today on ITS 85/86 N and there are water hazards and bare ground in spots.  Some sections of trail along the good gravel roads are passable, but we can’t groom much yet.  ITS 86 west is still closed per landowner logging, but we hope to get word soon on when we can open that trail.  We are also still working on cutting brush for the ITS 86 bypass to ITS 88N (this is the bypass trail around the active logging section on ITS 86).  ITS 85 south to Blanchard is similar with reasonable sections and water/mud issues.  Most of the 110 connector to Brownville is rideable with some spotty water hazards.

Good news is at least it’s cold now and things are freezing up. We just need a few more days of this weather then some good packing snow.  Fingers crossed the snow forecasted for Friday will hit and it looks like we will be in much better shape for snowmobiling.

Please stay off the ponds and certainly Moosehead Lake.  We need this cold snap to stay with us for a few days to set up the trails and a couple of weeks to get solid ice.

Trail Master – Andrew Hunt

President – John Cobb mooseheadriders1968@gmail.com

Webmaster – Jessica Hargreaves webmaster@mooseheadriders.com



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