12/28/13 Trail Report

The 110 Connector trail was groomed today, east towards Gulf Hagas and is in good condition.  Our club President, John Cobb, took pictures today, which I have featured one here.

The Southbound ITS 85 trail to Blanchard is very good.  There was a waterhole on the trail that was fixed by our trail elves.

West on ITS 86 towards The Forks is in very good condition.

The Northbound ITS 85 trail was groomed yesterday, 12/27/13, to Kokadjo.  Unfortunately, the machine is down due to an hydraulic track pump going.  We had it looked at today and should be up and running before next weekend.

The Moosehead Riders groomer will be out again tonight to groom ITS 86 to The Forks.

Ride safe and have fun!  Don’t forget if you want to take a break from snowmobiling, The Friends of Squaw Mountain have done an exceptional job getting Big Squaw Mountain ready for another season of skiing and riding.  They are open everyday until January 6 and then Wednesday-Sundays 9-4.  Today is their 50th birthday.  Happy birthday Big Squaw!!!

Photo Courtesy John CobbITS 110 Connector – Photo Courtesy John Cobb


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