12/20/13 Trail Report

The trail master and groomers have groomed out South on ITS 85 to Blanchard. There is some active logging going on in Blanchard for ¾ of a mile. Also we have groomed ITS 86 to The Forks and this trail is in good shape.  There has been some trail changes here and will be signed soon to guide riders in the right direction. I am just getting back from a snowmobile ride over to The Forks this evening.  The conditions were good.  The only bumpy section which needs some more snow is at the power lines in The Forks, but with snow still falling and cold temps it should only get better from here.  We also have groomed the 110 connector heading to Brownville.  This trail also is in okay shape.  There is a rough section from the clubhouse for 2 miles, which just needs a little more snow.  Also, there is a ½ mile section of ITS 85-86 that crosses Moosehead that has not been determined safe yet. ITS 85-86 north to Kokadjo has not been groomed out yet.  We still need some more snow on parts of this trail an time to sign it as well, there has been a trail change to this trail as well. We hope to have this done by the first of the New Year. We are off to an early start this season!  Packed bass depth of 4-5 “.

Stay tuned for trail updates.  We look forward to a great season!

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