1/20/14 Trail Report Update

Today the club president and Trail Master snowmobiled to check out the conditions of the Moosehead Riders trails and overall the trail report is okay.

ITS 86 is in good condition and held up nicely with the crazy weather we have had.  Check The Forks trail reports for conditions in and around The Forks.

ITS 85 South is in okay condition.  Watch for the washout, which the Trail Master marked, near the active logging operation.

The 110 Connector is ride-able and okay condition.

ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo from Greenville we are calling it currently as closed.  There is no base – it has blown off, run off or melted off.  But, the “sled around” for this is to take the 110 Connector Trail to the B Pond Trail to get from Greenville to Kokadjo.  The B Pond Trail is in good condition.

Rider talk today is that the west side of the lake is in okay condition and that north of the lake – Pittston Farm, Northeast Carry, Kokadjo towards Jo Mary country is in good condition.

Take it slow, ride safe and there will be some decent riding for you to enjoy.

Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club

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