1/14/15 Trail Report

The Moosehead Riders club groomers have been out daily on trails grooming.

ITS 86 towards The Forks was groomed last night and is in good condition.  Also, the in-town trail was groomed last night and is in good condition.

Last night ITS 85 to Kokadjo was groomed more than half way.  We did need to stop due to a rough spot with not enough snow to pull into the trail to groom and pack down.

Today the trail out to the B52 Site and 110 Connector was groomed.  This trail is in very good condition.  Just a reminder that the re-route from the clubhouse is on Scammon Road.  Use caution.  There is a packed base on the road and we have the privilege to share this road.

Tonight we will be out grooming ITS 85 towards Blanchard.  Cry Baby Hill is slightly blown off, so use caution.

We have a solid 16-18+ base.  There has been intermittent snow in the evenings helping each day and it’s been very cold, so the ice is forming quickly.

Ride safe.  We’ll see you out on the trails!

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