2/16/14 Trail Report

Two big storms have hit the Moosehead Lake Region with lots of snow since Friday.  Friday’s storm dumped 18 inches of snow and last nights storm brought another 6 inches of fresh snow. The Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club groomers are headed out tonight and will be out again tomorrow night to groom all trails, both […]

2/13/14 Trail Report

A BIG SNOW STORM IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!  WOO HOO!! ITS 86 west was groomed last night and is in very good condition. ITS 85/86 north towards Prong Pond was groomed last night and is in good condition. We are very excited about the snow fall.  We are expected to get over a FOOT of […]

2/6/14 Trail Report

We received 6 inches of fresh snow yesterday, just what we needed to get back out on ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo for grooming. ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo was groomed last night.  The bare spots have been covered, but the coverage is still thin. ITS 85/86 South to Blanchard and West towards The Forks/ITS […]

1/23/14 Trail Report

ITS 86 west towards The Forks groomed today and in good condition.  I’m waiting on reports regarding ITS 85 south to Blanchard, 110 Connector and any specifics from the groomer operators. Reports from riders is that the Greenville trails are in good shape.  ITS 85 N to Kokadjo remains unchanged, still blown off and icy.  […]

1/20/14 Trail Report

After receiving a few new inches of snow on Saturday, Sunday and its snowing again now, we will be out grooming our trails and getting them in shape today and tomorrow.  It should really help with the conditions just having the new snow on the trails!  Stay tuned for updates and trail conditions after we […]

1/15/14 Trail Report

No new trail report, since we are still shut down until the snow falls.  As you all know, we need snow. It will be much harder to fix the trails if riders are out prior to receiving more snow. Please use your judgement, but the recommendation from locals and businesses alike are to wait to […]

12/27/13 Trail Report

  85 South to Blanchard groomed and trail is generally in good condition.  85/86 North to Kokadjo has been groomed, which is the first time this season.  Ride safe, stay on marked trails and have fun!   Photo Courtesy Northern Pride Lodge

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