12/29/14 Trail Update

Lots of folks are eager to get out snowmobiling in the Moosehead Lake Region this winter.  We understand, so are we!  If you had the opportunity to watch the evening news tonight, there was a great segment about urging snowmobilers to be patient and safe.  We are all eager to get out on the trails […]

3/21/14 Trail Report

With all the snow and cold temps, the trails are in great condition.  Our latest update regarding the trails is as follows: ITS 86 west towards ITS 88 and The Forks system was groomed last night. ITS 85 South to Blanchard and ITS 85 North to Kokadjo were also groomed last night.  Reminder that there […]

2/13/14 Trail Report

A BIG SNOW STORM IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!  WOO HOO!! ITS 86 west was groomed last night and is in very good condition. ITS 85/86 north towards Prong Pond was groomed last night and is in good condition. We are very excited about the snow fall.  We are expected to get over a FOOT of […]

2/6/14 Latest Trail Report

Our trails have all been groomed and are looking pretty good for this up coming weekend. The plowed logging road in Blanchard on ITS 85 south is in better shape now, since the logging operation has stopped.   There are still a few spots with low snow, so please use caution. ITS 86 west is […]

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