3/4/15 Trail Report

Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Trail Report for 3/4/15 All trails are groomed and in great shape.  The Moosehead Riders groomers will be out every night to keep the trails in top shape until there is any major weather change, but the plan is nightly for the next few weeks. ITS 85 North to Kokadjo is a […]

1/8/15 Trail Report

1/8/15 Trail Report First of all, frigid…I know you feel it because I do, too.  But, I have to admit how much I LOVE it!  Ice is forming our beloved base and well, it’s all about the base and here we are! We have had a chance to get all the trails groomed and are […]

12/26/14 Trail update regarding weather impact

– 12/26/14 Trail update regarding the impact of warm weather over the last few days – Most of New England has experienced a bit of a Christmas week heat wave.  Since Tuesday, December 23 the temperature has been in the 30’s.  Christmas eve was a day filled with freezing rain and Christmas day was unseasonably […]

3/25/14 Trail Report

Well folks, some more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  It could be a little, could be a lot.  Either way we have PLENTY of snow for our riders to enjoy.  This cold weather just won’t break, which has put our trails in great condition for spring riding. ITS 85 South to Blanchard was […]

3/21/14 Trail Report

With all the snow and cold temps, the trails are in great condition.  Our latest update regarding the trails is as follows: ITS 86 west towards ITS 88 and The Forks system was groomed last night. ITS 85 South to Blanchard and ITS 85 North to Kokadjo were also groomed last night.  Reminder that there […]

2/27/14 Trail Report

Moosehead Riders trail update for this afternoon and this evening. The 110 Connector trail will be groomed tonight.  This is a beautiful trail with lots of nice views.  Reminder that the trail by the clubhouse over Scamman Ridge, will be a little rough, due to the Jeep track still out of commission. ITS 85 South […]

2/6/14 Trail Report

We received 6 inches of fresh snow yesterday, just what we needed to get back out on ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo for grooming. ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo was groomed last night.  The bare spots have been covered, but the coverage is still thin. ITS 85/86 South to Blanchard and West towards The Forks/ITS […]

1/4/14 Trail Report

Brrr…it’s been very cold.  A decent amount of riders getting out even with the cold to get some riding in. ITS 86 West to 88 was groomed yesterday afternoon.  The ITS 85/86 in town trail to Bartley’s Garage in Center Cove was also groomed, as well. There is active logging on ITS 85 south towards […]

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