1/6/15 Trail Report

1/6/15 Trail update: ITS 85 south has been cleared of blow downs and packed with fair snow cover with the exception of the usual bad spots like Cry Baby Hill ITS 86 bypass has not been groomed since New Years Day but with the fresh snow from Saturday is fair with some rough spots and […]

3/21/14 Trail Report

With all the snow and cold temps, the trails are in great condition.  Our latest update regarding the trails is as follows: ITS 86 west towards ITS 88 and The Forks system was groomed last night. ITS 85 South to Blanchard and ITS 85 North to Kokadjo were also groomed last night.  Reminder that there […]

2/27/14 Trail Report

Moosehead Riders trail update for this afternoon and this evening. The 110 Connector trail will be groomed tonight.  This is a beautiful trail with lots of nice views.  Reminder that the trail by the clubhouse over Scamman Ridge, will be a little rough, due to the Jeep track still out of commission. ITS 85 South […]

2/23/14 Trail Report

The club president posted the following report on Facebook last night, so I wanted to make sure to share the information as a post for the rest of our readers. Groomers were out last night laying down trails for another great day of riding on Sunday. ITS  85 south to Blanchard and ITS 86 west […]

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