1/22/15 Grooming Report

We have a foot of snow on the ground, but as many of you are seeing and hearing a snow storm is needed for trails to be back in great shape.  Our club is out tonight grooming ITS 85 towards Shirley/Blanchard to see what we can do with the snow that we do have on […]

1/8/15 Trail Report

1/8/15 Trail Report First of all, frigid…I know you feel it because I do, too.  But, I have to admit how much I LOVE it!  Ice is forming our beloved base and well, it’s all about the base and here we are! We have had a chance to get all the trails groomed and are […]

Trail Report 12/18/14

MRSC Trail Report 12/18/14 We will be out this weekend working on our trails.  We have much needed work to clear down trees and limbs. We invite anyone that would like to give a hand to join us on Saturday, December 20th at the Moosehead Riders Snowmobile club house at 9am. We ask that if […]

3/28/14 Trail Report

Happy Friday and a snowy Friday it is! ITS 85 South to Blanchard was groomed last night and is in very good condition. ITS 86 West towards The Forks was also groomed last night and is in very good condition. Due to a new logging operation north of Greenville, we are unable to groom ITS […]

2/25/14 Trail Report

ITS 85 South to Blanchard and ITS 86 West to ITS 88 is being groomed tonight.  With the cold temps today, the trails will be beautiful tomorrow. ITS 85/86 North to Kokadjo is also being groomed tonight. Our Jeep is out of service for a few days, so the Moosehead Riders clubhouse to the top […]

2/10/14 Trail Report

The club has been battling some break downs over the weekend.  As long as repairs are finished up, we will be out to groom ITS 85 south towards Blanchard and ITS 86 west towards 88 and The Forks. ITS 85/86 north to Kokadjo was groomed last night and still has some icy spots due to […]

2/1/14 Trail Report

Trails were groomed last night and are in very good condition!  Here’s the breakdown: ITS 86 towards The Forks is flat, fast and in very good condition. ITS 88 is in very good condition towards Rockwood. ITS 85/86 South towards Blanchard is in good condition.  The logging operation has moved out. Scammon Ridge was groomed […]

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