Trail Update: 2/11/16

Happy Thursday Everyone, We have been busy over the last few days trying to get the trails groomed and ready for the first weekend of school vacation.  We are still struggling with a lack of snow in some areas which is preventing us from grooming.  Hopefully we’ll get a little new snow on Saturday to […]

3/19/15 Snowmobile Trail Report

Moosehead Riders groomers are out now on both sides of Moosehead Lake to get trails in excellent shape for the upcoming weekend. Scammon road is open and passable at this time, due to the near 2 feet of snow dumped on us since Sunday!  We’ll keep you posted with any changes as the March sun […]

Trail Update – Scammon Road

3/11/15 Trail update for Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club section of trail on Scammon Road… ITS 85 North – From the Moosehead Riders clubhouse on Scammon Road, the plowed section of shared road is in poor shape with dirt and gravel.  This section is 3.2 miles.  Use at your own risk and please be cautious.   […]

3/4/15 Trail Report

Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Trail Report for 3/4/15 All trails are groomed and in great shape.  The Moosehead Riders groomers will be out every night to keep the trails in top shape until there is any major weather change, but the plan is nightly for the next few weeks. ITS 85 North to Kokadjo is a […]

Trail Report 2/18/15

Trail report 2/18/15 from Moosehead Riders Snowmobile Club What more can we say?  We have lots of snow and our trails are in the best shape they of been in years.  We have a great packed base and plenty of good snow. ITS 85 south is flat and fast, with beautiful conditions to get you […]

2/6/15 Trail Report

As of today, 2/6/15 all Moosehead Riders Snowmobile club trails are groomed and in excellent riding condition.  All trails are open and in beautiful shape for the weekend. ITS 86 west which meets The Forks Trail system and Blue Ridge Riders trail system is groomed and offers excellent riding. ITS 85 south also offers great […]

1/31/15 Trail Update

1/31/15 Trail Report for Moosehead Riders Snowmobile club We received another 10-12″ of snow last night from this storm.  There was a lot of wind, which made visibility difficult, so for groomer safety we’ll be heading out once the winds die down.  The groomers are heading out this afternoon at 2 PM to start packing […]

1/29/15 Trail Report

Okay, so this trail report is a quick one.  What more to say, we have so much SNOW!!!!   ITS 85 south to Blanchard and 85/86 north to Kokadjo have been groomed and are in good shape.   ITS 86 west and the 110 connector east in the afternoon have also been groomed and are in […]

1/23/15 Trail Report

Feeling happy!  Groomers are out tonight and are currently grooming ITS 86 towards The Forks and the ITS 88 connection to head towards Rockwood.  ITS 86 is grooming out nice.  There is thin cover in the wooded area section where the cutting for the logging was done, but is passable.  There is nice riding out […]

1/22/15 Grooming Report

We have a foot of snow on the ground, but as many of you are seeing and hearing a snow storm is needed for trails to be back in great shape.  Our club is out tonight grooming ITS 85 towards Shirley/Blanchard to see what we can do with the snow that we do have on […]

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